The Vineyard

The vineyard is sited high on the western watershed of the Darling Ranges, with the vines enjoying spectacular views over the coastal plain, and across the waters of Geographe Bay to Cape Naturaliste. The vineyard is 25km from the coast as the crow flies, and receives the cooling afternoon sea breeze during summer. At an elevation between 230 and 280 meters, the estate is generally two degrees or more cooler than the coastal plain, with ripening times similar to the cool southern parts of the neighbouring Margaret River wine region.

Annual rainfall is relatively high at 914mm, with 80% of this falls over four months in our winter when the vines are dormant. The summertime growing season is very dry and sunny, allowing the area a consistency between vintages possibly unrivalled in the world of wine.

The soils of the estate are all “Marri soils”, named for the regal Marri eucalyptus trees they typically support. Weathered from granite over some two and a half billion years, they comprise a free draining layer of lateritic red gravel and loam over yellow or white clay. Such pockets of Marri soils are prized by vignerons in Western Australia .

The 60 Ha of vineyards were established in 1997. Planting around two hills allowed us to match vine varieties to the choice of a full 360° of different aspects to the sun. The region is phylloxera free, so all vines were planted on their own roots and planting along the ridge line has minimised the risk from spring frosts. Initial plantings of the classic French varieties of Chardonnay, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, have since been bolstered with small blocks of Viognier, Tempranillo. and Grenache.