Frequently Asked Questions

I only like certain wines or would like to change at each delivery.
Our Platinum Wine Club is completley customaizable you can change before each shipment or leave the same for all shipments. See below on How to Change to Your Wine Selection.

What wines are included?
As a Wine Club Member you will have access to our Dragonfly Series, Estate Series, Maris Sol, Willow Bridge and Black Dog, discounts apply off all purchases* 
Wines are subject to vintage change and occasional price increases. Some museum wines are available to club members. Please login to see what is avaialable. 

When will i get my first shipment?
Depending on which club you have selected:
Platinum 2 March/Sepetember: Shipments will be despatched on the 1st of March and 1st of September.
Platinum 2 June/December: Shipments will be de despatched on the 1st of June and 1st of December.
Platinum 4 Quarterly: Shipments will be despatched on the 1st of March, June, September and December.
*Some dates may vary slightly due public holidays etc.
We are flexible and if you are going to be away and need a shipment date changed or skipped please let us know or update HERE.

Does my purchases in Cellar Door count as my scheduled shipments?
Yes, as long as you advise our staff that you would like this to be your next shipment, otherwise it will count as an extra order.

Overseas Shipping
Unfortunatley we cannot ship overseas, free club shipping is only valid within Australia.

Using the Members Dashboard

Having trouble? Please contact us on 08 97280055 or email your changes to and we will update for you.



Login at top right hand of website (or via a login link in any of our emails).

Enter your username (your email address), if it is the first time you have logged into our new system you will need to reset the password to something you can remember. 







Once logged in your name will appear at the top, click on the drop down arrow to bring up the menu. Go to Dashboard.









Click on the section you need to update via the images or the left hand menu, details below of each section. If this is your first time logging in please check all details are correct. 

Edit Profile:
Update details such as your address, delivery address, phone numbers, email addresses.

Order History:
View past orders and re order one of these (will go through as an extra order) you can also place extra orders direct from the website shopping cart after logging in proceed to here.

Credit Cards:
Edit credit cards here, you can update an existing one or add a second card. 
If we do not have a card on file you will notice a dummy card listed. Please make sure you go in and edit with your actual details. A credit card is required to be a Wine Club Member. It is all stored safley and encrypted according to PCI Compliance.

Cancel Club:
Fill in the form to  cancel your wine club membership. You can also do this by emailing us.

Change Shipment Date:
Going away? Fill in this form to have your next shipment sent on another date.

Skip Delivery:
This will skip your upcoming shipment. You can also do this by emailing us.

Address Book:
List of all your delivery address's.

View Allocations:
This section is not currently in use.

Update Wine Selection:
Edit your standing order wine selection here click on edit club, update this before each delivery if you would like to make changes otherwise leave it the same to receive the same each order. Make sure you check this section upon your first login. Make sure your main credit card is selected at the bottom if you have more than one card held on file.

Once you click Edit Club please scroll down and you will see the list of wines with qty dropdowns, change as required. If there is a sold out wine you will need to choose another wine.

MAKE SURE YOU HIT SUBMIT at the bottom if succesfully updated you will receive an immediate email, if you dont get this please contact us.

Should you have any issues using the account please call Jenna on 08 9728 0055.