I only like certain wines or would like to change at each delivery.
Our Wine Club is completley customaizable you can change before each shipment or leave the same for all shipments. Instructions on How to Change to Your Wine Selection>>

What wines are included?
As a Wine Club Member you will have access to our Dragonfly Series, Estate Series, Willow Bridge and Black Dog, discounts apply off all purchases* 
Wines are subject to vintage change and occasional price increases. Some museum wines are available to club members. Please login to see what is available. 

When will I get my first shipment?
Depending on which club you have selected:

Barrique Club- Shipments are despatched at the beginning of April & October.
Hogshead Club March/Sepetember- Shipments are despatched at the beginning of March September.
Hogshead Club June/December- Shipments are despatched at the beginning of June and December.
Puncheon Club- Shipments are despatched at the beginning of March, June, September and December.

*Some dates may vary slightly due to public holidays etc. 
* If you would like your delivery earlier or would like to change Club Levels please contact us>>

We are flexible and if you are going to be away and need a shipment date changed or skipped please let us know or update in the Members Dashboard>>

Do my purchases in Cellar Door count as my scheduled shipments?
Yes, as long as you advise our staff that you would like this to be your next shipment, otherwise it will count as an extra order.

Overseas Shipping
Unfortunatley we cannot ship overseas, free club shipping is only valid within Australia.