Kim Horton
10 January 2017 | News | Kim Horton

Talking Chardonnay with Kim Horton

When discussing wines, inevitably the name Chardonnay crops up, Chardonnay is back in vogue, and then almost as reliable is the chatter about evolving styles. There is a long held view that Chardonnay of the past was a style that was rich, creamy, ripe and oaky. The style had served Australia well, and still does in the US and UK markets especially. Australia’s total Chardonnay volume export is over 40 million litres, however as we know, a lot is from the inland irrigation areas of the Eastern States, and the mainstream style was easy to replicate, well liked and relatively inexpensive to make. Furthermore, the average export price per bottle of Chardonnay is the lowest of all the mainstream varieties, Sauvignon Blanc included.

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