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Willow Bridge
4 July 2019 | Willow Bridge

2018 Bookends Fume Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

** 2018 Bookends due for release late 2019**

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Willow Bridge
8 March 2019 | Willow Bridge

Harvest Tasting Feb 2019

Last month we held our first ever Harvest Tasting with visitors getting a first hand look into the vineyard, thank you to all that came along we are looking forward to hosting more events like these in the future.

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Kim Horton
1 February 2019 | Kim Horton

From the Winemakers, vintage 2019

From the Winemakers...

Kim Horton & Dougal Herd

Another year flies by and vintage is almost upon us again with Vintage 2019 shaping to be one of the more interesting years.
Climatically, in a nutshell, the season has been cool and dry. The five months until this point at the end of January have yielded little rain, about 70mm less than this time last year.
The cooler weather has also disrupted flowering and fruit set resulting in much smaller bunch sizes and high incidence of hen and chicken. The cooler conditions have continued into January, and January 2019 average temperature of 21.3 is two degrees Celsius lower than the 23.3 of 2016.
So what does this mean? With still much of the season to unfold, anything is still possible, however we are bracing ourselves for small crops of intensely flavoured fruit, especially in whites, and keeping our fingers crossed for an Indian Summer to ensure good ripeness of flavour and tannin in the reds. It also must be noted the distinct lack of Eucalypt blossom this season will create bird pressure and fruit netting will form the basic defence against crows and silvereyes.

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Willow Bridge
8 January 2019 | Willow Bridge

Halliday Wine Companion Feb-March 2019

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Willow Bridge
14 November 2018 | Willow Bridge

Gold Medal - 2017 Solana Tempranillo

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Willow Bridge
5 October 2018 | Willow Bridge

Wine Show of WA 2018

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Willow Bridge
25 September 2018 | Willow Bridge

Geographe & WA Alternative Wine Show 2018

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Willow Bridge
14 September 2018 | Willow Bridge

A new dragonfly

2017 Dragonfly Grenache Shiraz Mataro

A blend made famous in the Rhône Valley of France, Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro are blended to make a juicy, vibrant and fresh wine blend of medium body and clean tannin. Whilst we have had Shiraz planted at Willow Bridge since 1997, Grenache and Mataro have been recent and exciting additions grafted in 2015. For the two cultivars, we chose sites on the vineyard which maximise heat exposure, giving the best opportunity to ripen and express full array of flavours. Mataro is a late ripening variety, so the extended period on the vine is essential. Grenache is a prolific yielding variety requiring fruit thinning to achieve best balance of quality and tannin.

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