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Willow Bridge
25 August 2017 | Willow Bridge

The Winefront ~ Dragonfly Reds

Time Posted: 25/08/2017 at 1:52 PM
Willow Bridge
22 June 2017 | Willow Bridge

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2017 Rosa De Solana 

The purity of papaya
and forest berries
are evident on a
juicy palate, creamy and almost chalky with a light savoury finish.


2017 Dragonfly Chardonnay

Medium bodied, soft, appealing palate,
fresh and textural
with flavours of nectarine, lime and grapefruit.


2015 Solana Tempranillo 

Mouthcoating, dense blue fruits framed by tannins, hold the fruit palate in a tight, rigid rustic framework. Savoury and long. 


2016 Maris Sol Chardonnay

Flint, citrus trees in
flower, biscuit dough,
gently toasted
pine nuts, a
complex tapestry
of aromatics.



Time Posted: 22/06/2017 at 2:37 PM
Willow Bridge
8 June 2017 | Willow Bridge

Australian winery owners smiling as export markets strengthen, prices rise

Optimism in the Australian wine industry is booming with prices up and vineyards sitting stale on the market being snatched up.

According to figures from Wine Australia, China remains our biggest export market and recorded the largest growth in the last year.

But there were also lifts in exports to the US, including a 10 per cent increase in the average value of white wine and volumes being sent into the country.

Wines of WA chief executive Larry Jorgensen said that went against the status quo of the last five to 10 years.

"I guess people are finding we are back on the agenda in some of the countries where we traditionally had strong markets," he said.

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