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Willow Bridge

Two hours south of Perth, on the way to Margaret River, is a pristine piece of land that rises from the coast to form rolling hills, unique to this corner of the world. It’s here the Dewar family dreamed up the idea to grow grapes, establishing Ferguson Valley as one of the most important sub-regions of Geographe Wine Region. Find out more about Willow Bridge Wines and the Ferguson Valley below.





Dragon fly series

Dragon fly series

The dam at Willow Bridge Estate sustains a wide range of wildlife. Many animals drink from it, birds float on it, trout swim beneath it. In the late afternoon on the typical warm, calm, Autumnal days of vintage, the air above the dam comes alive in a blue haze of swarming dragonflies, that are appreciated by the trout. The Dragonfly wines have been named to celebrate this spectacle. They’re vibrant, rich, but serious Western Australian wines that offer exceptional value for money.


ESTATE series

Over the years, we have recognized that certain sections within our estate vineyard blocks have special qualities. We make The Estate Series wines from these sections to provide a snapshot of how the grape varieties we grow best express a sense of our unique corner of the world. Each wine’s name is inspired by that part of the estate in which its grapes were grown. We are so proud of these sections of vineyard that we have highlighted them on each wine’s label. Please view where they come from by satellite in their tasting notes.


Black dog

The name of the Black Dog Shiraz hails from our second vintage when cellarhands noted that the wine from our most spectacular hilltop block of estate shiraz was, as the old saying goes; “as black as the inside of a dog”. Today – provided vintage conditions deliver us a Shiraz to do the name justice, a new Black Dog is born. With a propensity for plush intensity already, the vineyard is meticulously maintained and restricted to miniscule yields to deliver fruit worthy of this, our flagship wine.


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There’s a reason why Western Australians are called ‘sandgropers’; the coast is shaped by miles and miles of sand dunes. By contrast, the Willow Bridge Estate vineyard enjoys a 285m elevation, and rich, granitic, gravelly loam soil. These natural features single it out it as a premium location within Geographe, a wine region still relatively new itself.

With a warm, maritime-influenced climate, being located much higher than sea level gives Willow Bridge the advantage of being two degrees cooler all year-round than surrounding areas, allowing slower, more even ripening of grapes. The 150-acre property’s three hills also allowed the Dewars to match vine varieties to the best possible combination of slope and aspect to the sun.


The winery was built on the estate for our first vintage in 2000. Whilst it is modern, energy efficient and has the capacity to handle more fruit than our vineyard currently produces, it is also set up for all the traditional small batch winemaking techniques such as whole bunch pressing and barrel fermentation of whites, to small, open topped, hand-plunged red ferments. This allows the winemakers to respect all the subtle variations from within the vineyard blocks and gives great flexibility in order to achieve the desired results.

Water-wise, the winery is self sufficient, using only rainwater collected from the roof. Water use per litre of wine produced is well below industry standards and an onsite biological wastewater system treats the water to a
quality level that allows us to discharge to our wetland of native reeds. All grape waste from winery is recycled locally –white grape skins are fed to the neighbour’s dairy cows and reds are composted (not fed to the cows as they contain alcohol).